Bavarian coziness and a hint of Italian accents

Where there was once a vast primeval sea surged and dinosaurs left their traces, a beautiful strip of land is left instead today.  Located in the heart of Bavaria, this river region includes the historic cities of Nuremberg, Amberg, Neumarkt, Kelheim and Regensburg.  The rugged, towering cliffs, numerous caves and deep valleys are typical of the limestone mountains of the Frankish Alb and the Bavarian Jura.   Dreamy landscapes, forests and meadows will charm you with their distinctive charm.  Medieval sites and places of interest lined up like the beads of a necklace along the river waters.  Why the sun-drenched and dry region is said to have Mediterranean flair becomes clear to everyone who has ever made a cycling stopover in Regensburg, often referred to as the northernmost city in Italy. When cycling in the romantic valleys of the Jura, the spicy scent of Juniper and thyme arrives gently onto the nose.