Stage 5: Amberg – Regensburg (64 km)

Monastery, churches, art

  • 64 km
  • 4-5 h
  • Amberg
  • Regensburg

Baroque monastery and magnificent churches invite you to stay a while at this stage. On the edge of the trail, there are works from regional artists as well as world famous sculptors and painters from the Middle Ages and the Modern era.The two rivers, Vils and Naab, offer the grandiose backdrop for this with its valleys that are sometimes cut deep and sometimes cut wide. From Amberg, the secrete capital of the Oberpfalz, with numerous places to see like the St. Martin Basilica, the Gothic Rathaus or the Stadtbrille, the symbol of the city, the bike trail travels into the original floodplains.Travel past the massive monasteries that are in the picturesque artist’s village of Kallmünz. The middle age village is nestled inimitably along a vertically protruding steep face with the spectacular gigantic fortress ruins crowning over it. Major artists like Wassily, Kandinsky and Gabriele Münster recognized the flair of the attractive market on the convergence of the Vils and Naab.


Historic old town of Amberg with large churches – Hammerschloss Theuern with the Mining and Industry Museum – Ensdorf Monastery – Rieden Market – Schmidmühlen Market – Kallmünz Market – Pielenhofen Cloister – Wallfahrts Church Mariaort - UNESCO world heritage site Regensburg


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