FAQ - frequently asked questions

What direction does the Five River Bike Trail go?

The Five River Bike Trail can be travelled in both directions. It has signs in both directions.

Is luggage transport available?

There is no direct luggage transport, but the biker-friendly Bed & Bike businesses that are certified by the ADFC criteria will bring your luggage to the next luggage site for a fee. In addition, there are individual taxi companies that will handle the luggage for bike riders. If the Five Rivers Bike Trail is booked, the luggage transport is included in the price as a trip service.

Where can I leave my car for a few days?

When arriving by car, there are free parking options along the route in many of the towns (see “Arrival” rubric).

Do I have to book the accomodation in advance?

We always recommend planning overnight stays and reserving the accomodation for bike tours in advance. Particularly during school breaks, trade shows and other events, it can be difficult to find available accomodation along certain sections of the Five River Bike Trail. Of course, you might get lucky and find accomodation without previous booking.

Can the stages be split up differently?

Yes. The stages can be divided as desired (mostly). You should plan it in advance and reserve accomodation ahead of time.

Is the Five River Bike Trail suitable for children?

Yes. The bike trail is a great route for children because there are not many climbs and the route is mostly on separate bike trails or on low-traffic side streets. There are also numerous attractions (swimming sites, boat and canoe trips, climbing parks, etc.) along the route to provide brief diversions from the bike trip.

Is the bike trail suitable for beginners?

Yes, because the trail has few climbs and runs along solid trails. In addition, the stage lengths can be varied as desired for the most part.

What is the best time to travel?

For a bike trip along the Five River Bike Trail, we recommend April until October.

Can the tour be shortened?

Yes. There are five cross connections possible that allow a fully individualized route plan.

What type of bikes are suitable for the Five Rivers Bike Trail?

Tour and trek bikes suit best. Race bikes are not suitable for the tour because the route contains partially gravel or pebble trails.

What is the trail quality?

Good. The bike trail runs largely apart from traffic on asphalt (80%) or solid gravel and pebble trails (20%).

Are there campsites along the Five Rivers Bike Trail?

Sure, along the Five Rivers Bike Trail are several campsites where you can use your own tent. It is not advised to camp in the wood or along the shores. It violates the nature conservation law and will be punished. Please download our list with campsites which are in a maximum distance of 2 km from the Five Rivers Bike Trail.