KulTour on the Canal

  • 36 km
  • Burgthann
  • Burgthann

The tour begins in Burgthann with the Middle Aged castle that crowns atop a mountain spur. From the Waldfriedhof, follow the No. 16 signs west, then take the route to a beautiful forest trail through the Reichswald to Feucht. Shortly after this you will reach the bridge canal structural landmark. The path crosses the historical arch bridge that leads the Ludwig-Danube-Main Canal over the river course of the Schwarzach and now runs east on the canal. Just keep going straight - but careful: The route changes to Tour No. 15 and then turns right on the Lindelburg branch! Through Lindelburg, go to Unter- and Oberferrieden. Finally, you are right on the European North Sea - Black Sea watershed. Then the route heads to Ezelsdorf, where the 3500-year-old “Gold hut” was found in 1953. A side trip to the “Goldkegelplatz” with its oversized recreation of the cult object is worthwhile. Continue toward Rasch and the trail is soon back on the canal heading west back to Burgthann.


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