Between Regen and Naab

  • 30 km
  • Lappersdorf
  • Lappersdorf
  • 235

From Lappersdorf, the route travels via Kareth toward "Tremmelhauserhöhe". On the route to Pettendorf, it's worthwhile to cool off in the Schwetzendorf pond. Then continue via Pettendorf to the Adlersberg, where you will be welcomed to take a break in the former monastery. Then the route leads via Kneiting back into the Danube valley to Mariaort, where a stop is worthwhile. After crossing the Naab bridge, the route passes in front of the Wallfahrts church up to the railway bridge over the Danube. From there, continue without hurries on the Danube Bike Trail toward Regensburg and via Stadtamhof to the Regental Bike Trail. Follow this path for a bit more than 2 km to the "Am Regen" recreational area of the Lappersdorf market, where one final break is worth it before returning to the starting point.


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