Water and Brimstone Tour

  • 34 km
  • Bad Abbach
  • Bad Abbach
  • 281 m

The tour begins in Bad Abbach. It travels along mountain castles via Peising to the Frauenbründl pilgrimage church, where a hermit lives in religious loneliness and cares about the medicinal spring there. The route continues through forests and meadows to the highest point, the Kühberg, and then on to Teugn. The route then travels via Mühlbach and past the sulphur spring. Then it turns back to the water. It passes a lock bridge of the Danube and reaches the town of Matting while travelling along the Danube via Poikam. There you can cross with a cable ferry that runs year round. On the opposite bank, the Danube Bike Trail goes along with a view of the Oberndorfer Slopes then along the river to Oberndorf. The oldest farmhouse in Germany is located here. Then it leads you back to Bad Abbach, where there is another sulphur spring in the spa gardens.


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