Pure Nature Peak Tour

  • 57 km
  • Hersbruck
  • Hersbruck
  • 760 m

The tour starts out athletic, but you don't have to wait long for the reward. It's up hill from the Plärrer in Hersbruck to the Alb plateau, where the landmark of the Nuremberg region crowns a steep cliff: Hohenstein Castle. It can be reached via a small detour and forms the high point. After the spectacular broad view, it's a relaxing trip to Rupprechtstegen. From here, the route follows the meandering course of the Pegnitz and wanders through the idyllic Pegnitztal. In the small town of Eschenbach, where the Wengleinpark invites you to rest in pure nature, the tour switches to no. 8 and continues full tilt on the route to Frankenalb. Meadows, forest and water line the route to Hirschbachtal. The tour passes through Fischbrunn, Neutras, Hartmannshof and Pommelsbrunn on the way to Hohenstadt. In Hohenstadt, the route hooks back up with route no. 7 and follows it west to Hersbruck.


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