Print-Data Five Rivers bike tour

Pocketguide Five Rivers Cycle Route:

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Geo-Data Five Rivers bike tour

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Main route Five Rivers Cycle Route, gpx-data:

Main route: Complete five-river cycle path
Main route: Handbike-Track

Day trips along the Five Rivers cycle path, gpx-data

Day trip 1: Three Rivers
Day trip 2: Through Bruchschollenland
Day trip 3: Frankenpfalz Tour
Day trip 4: Tour for wallowers
Day trip 5: Historical Loop
Day trip 6: Hirschwald Round
Day trip 7: JurActive-Tour
Day trip 8: KulTour on the Canal
Day trip 9: Mill and Industrial History Tour
Day trip 10: Pure Nature Peak Tour
Day trip 11: Robbers and Knights Tour
Day trip 12: Lake and Canal Bike Route
Day trip 13: Athletic Castle Tour
Day trip 14: Tour de Baroque
Day trip 15: Water and Brimstone Tour
Day trip 16: Weltenburg Tour
Day trip 17: Between Regen and Naab

Further tours on the Five Rivers cycle path, gpx-data:

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Pegnitz Laber bike trail
Schweppermann bike trail
Naab Altmühl bike trail
Black Laber cycle trail