• 60 km
  • Neukirchen bei Sulzbach-Rosenberg
  • Neukirchen bei Sulzbach-Rosenberg

The tour starts in Neukirchen bei Sulzbach-Rosenberg at the train station and follows the Five Rivers Bike Trail through the Etzel and Högenbach Valley. The route continues via Etzelwang, Hartmannshof and Pommelsbrunn to Hohenstadt, where it turns off in the romantic and wild Pegnitztal. The trail meanders along the Pegnitz via Vorra and Velden until Neuhaus an der Pegnitz. Then it travels along the Grotten Bike Trail to Krottensee, where the Maximiliansgrotte awaits visitors with the largest dripstone in Germany. The route passes through the deep woods of the Veldensteiner Forest to Königstein with its many dining options. Shortly before Neukirchen, where the destination is reached, you can visit the Osterhöhle (Easter Cave).


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